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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  August 26, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> [howling wind] >> hurricane harvey is carving out a path of destruction in texas. the storm struck overnight, it is the first category four storm to make landfall in the u.s. in 13 years.
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harvey's legacy is just starting to be written. i'm gray hall alongside christie ileto. >> harvey came ashore packing winds at least 130 miles per hour. damaging a senior housing complex. emergency personnel are waiting for the storm to ease to look for the injured some reporters ventured out into the rain and wind to tell the story of harvey. >> reporter: that rain is coming through, it is stinging, the winds blowing sideways right now. behind me, bear with me for a second highway 35. the bay wrapped around 35 and around port lavaca. all the water is being pushed ashore from multiple angles here. harvey continues to wash ashore with the bands of rain. >> boy, you can see the intensity of the storm there the rain and wind whipping up there. the reporter's live shot there.
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this is video of the water coming to the door of a hotel. harvey moves toward houston stks texas. it owe could -- it could be more rain than someplaces see in an entire year. of course, meteorologist chris sowers has been monitoring hurricane harvey overnight and it is a big storm. it is the first category hurricane that struck since charlie back in 2004. it is 100 southeast of san antonio, texas. you can see the size of the storm, the feeder bands plow into there's corpus christi it's drifting northwest 5 to 6 miles per hour. hurricanes bring a slew of problems winds obviously being one of them a storm surge is a
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problem with hurricanes and heavy rainfall. that's what we're concerned about with this storm. because there's not a steering mechanism, the storm is sit and spin for days in this part of the country. harvey made landfall around 11:00 p.m. yesterday, it was a category four maximum stained winds 130 miles per hour. san jose island, 400 miles east of rock port drifting off to the northwest at 6 miles per hour. now, as we take a look at the spaghetti plots each line represents a forecast model it doesn't know what to do with the storm, the loops it around and brings it to the north some models drift it to the west. because this is going 4 or five days into the future, because of this we're expecting the heavy rains to continue to barrel the eastern part of texas at least over the next four or five days. speaking of rain here's a look at the totals that have fallen in this part of the country. angle ton 7 inches of rain,
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houston, a little bit more than 5 inches. victoria 4.33 inches. bay city, 3.7 inches of rain. it will do the loop deloop. victoria expecting 21 inches of rain and lake charles in louisiana 7 additional inches of rain and corpus christi 16 inches of rain additionally on top of the five to six you picked up. harvey's impact little if any movement catastrophic flooding expected. parts of the area could be uninhabitable for weeks or months depending on the amount of rain that falls in texas. when i come back we'll focus on our weather here, it's a gorgeous weekend for the delaware and lehigh valleys. i'll have more on hurricane
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harvey. 5:04 a.m. we continue with the hurricane harvey coverage. we're getting in video from those hunkered down in the path of this brutal storm. >> there was one tornado and flash flood warnings. >> ominous sounds of debris tossed around in a parking lot. here's video many people heeded calls to evacuate to a safer place, but some residents stayed put. president trump tweeted that the federal government will be fully engaged to open lines of communication to the people in texas. the president signed a disaster declaration for texas ahead of the storm's landfall. >> hurricane harvey is hurting
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patrol leteum production. aaa is monitoring gas supplies. >> production sites want to get back online always quickly as possible but we don't know how much damage the storm will do. >> experts predict gas prices could rise 5 to 15 cents per gallon in the wake of harvey. airlines are altering their flight plans as airports scale back seb e service or -- scale back service or shut down altogether. >> i feel lucky getting out of here. >> reporter: jennifer lee is counting her blessing she is among those who got one of the final flights out of houston for days she starts class next week
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while her family rides out a catastrophic storm. >> everybody is concerned about what's going 0 happen during the storm, flooding what's going to happen afterwards. >> reporter: as flights arrived from houston passengers and he ised uncertainty about what they will see when they return. >> we live north of the city, we're fine. the people in the city, in the apartments, on the streets, they will not be in good shape if the storm stays. >> reporter: the boards don't show it, but airlines have grounded more than 200 weekend flights across the country waving rebooking fees as many scramble to get out. >> my flight was offering people to stay back. >> reporter: mattery cut short his trip to san antonio to see his daughter's family. he will be watching a storm from a afar, optimistically that they
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will be spared. >> i think they will be okay. >> reporter: major airlines are offering travel vouchers so travelers can rebook flights for new extra charge. if you have a flight scheduled for this weekend airline officials wawnt to check the website for -- want you to check the website for flight status before you head to the airport. >> check harvey at we'll be streaming live coverage from ktrk all weekend long. 5:08 a.m. breaking news, a u.s. service member is misting after a blackhawk helicopter crashed off the coast of yemen. the crew was undergoing training when the helicopter crashed last night. the incident is under investigation. there is new information on another series of missile
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launches by north korea. overnight pacific command said two missiles flew 155 miles per hour a third missile blew up immediately. all were short range missiles not capable of striking the u.s. or guam. the the missile comes weeks after the united nations sanctioned north korea for repeated missile launches. the ban for transgendered in the military has gone from a tweet to a executive directive. trump directed the military not to move forward to allow transgendered people to join service it bars providing medical treatment for transgendered individuals currently serving. white house will not say whether transgendered troops already serving will be allowed to remain in the military. >> we're hearing from the
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arizona sheriff who was pardoned by president donald trump. joe arpioro was convicted of arresting illegal immigrants and separating them from their families. >> i appreciate the president's pardon very humbled that he did that, he loves law enforcement. >> aclu called the pardon a presidential endorsement of racism. he maintains he is innocent. he was a trump supporter and backs the plan to build a border wall the fate of the wall is up in the area. national security aid gorka is out. one of his most prominent
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cheerleaders frequently hitting the airways. his department follows the exit of chief center stage gist steve bannon. the fight for cancer is a constant reminder for many families. 20 miles completed, 40 to go, the walk spreads awareness and raises funds that end at the philadelphia navy yard. it raise $64 million for sarins research. tonight live on 6abc, the philadelphia seoul take on tampa bay storm in the arena bowl. >> the soul will get a chance to repeat as champs, this time on their home turf at the wells fargo center, jeff skeverski stopped by practice. >> reporter: from the moment the soul won the arena bowl, the inbowel football team is talking
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repeat. >> for fans who have never seen our game, hopefully they come out and watch us, see what we've got. >> reporter: the high scoring soul have the highest winning percentage out of any professional team since 2004. they are making their 5th appearance on the big stage. >> the excitement is there. you work all year for this moment. >> i'm excited i'm a little nervous, but excited. >> reporter: nervous about what you've dominated at home and dominated tampa bay. >> we can't compare this game to the past games. >> reporter: the soul are feeling good about winning back-to-back titles abbey why not. not only do they have home field advantage in the arena bowl, they have dominated the series against tampa bay. >> i don't want to sound cocky but this is a good football team.
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we have won 17 straight games at home. the soul has been on a roll, undefeated at home since last airplane. one big one left to win. jeff skeverski. >> soul versus storm kickoff at 7:00 p.m. on 6abc. the winner claims the foster trophy. 5:13 a.m. more to come on "action news" saturday morning. downward dog meets justing goat. goats are invading yoga classes in the delaware valley. >> teens lost in the grand canyon what they ate and drank to keep them going. plus chris is tracking hurricane harvey. >> reporter: it's not feeling like the dog days of august, high temperatures in the 70s same thing tomorrow. i'll, of course, have the latest on hurricane harvey when we come right back.
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>> and hurricane harvey hits
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texas facebook helps you track friends and family in the affected area. the safety check feature allows friends to mark themselves as safe as friends and family know they are okay. this ripping through texas. >> meteorologist chris sowers is tracking the system, our thoughts with texas as we get daylight we'll see more of the damage. >> reporter: one of the problems with the storm will be the fact it's not going to move very much over the next few days, it will rain and rain and arena the flooding will be catastrophic in parts of texas. for us back home in the delaware and lehigh valleys. we're looking at a gorgeous weekend. not feeling like the dog days of august both today and tomorrow, high temperatures in the upper 70s with with no humidity it will feel nice and comfortable. we continue that trend through the beginning portions of the upcoming workweek. our weather is looking really, really nice.
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i'll focus on that in just a moment. hurricane harvey is a category two storm it weakened over land. it lost the fuel which is the warm waters of the gulf. you're looking at the infrared cloud tops, the darker the reds, it's the worst part of the storm. category two winds 100 miles per hour. the pressure is rising. it's moving slowly drifting to the northwest at 16 miles per hour maximum gusts 120 miles per hour. it came onshore a category four first time that's happened in 12 years, we have to go back to 2004 charlie when it hit florida. now it is category 2 winds 106 to 110 miles per hour. the feeder bands are pushing inland. we're picking up the reds and
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bright yellows that's where the heaviest rain is falling. we're seeing rainfall rates 2 inches an hour, balls it's not moving very -- because it's not moving very much. it came onshore with an isolated area the storm surge is tremendous for this part of the texas. houston to corpus christi they continue to see a tremendous amount of rain. we have a blocking area of high pressure here and another high off the coast of florida, jet stream well up to the north. there's no steering mechanism to push this storm on its way. it will sit here and do a loop deloop. four or five days later it's sitting over the same area, thursday overnight winds are down to 35 miles per hour, but it's a heavy rainmaker and again that's going to be the problem. some lockses as gray mentioned earlier in the broadcast could see entire year's worth of rain
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in 3 or 4 days. some areas could be uninhabitable for weeks or months. a dangerous and deadly situation setting up around there. 68 degrees in phi allentown, 54. 46 in the poconos. gorgeous up there. satellite and radar actually that might be a little too chilly, high pressure buildings a gorgeous day expect mostly sunny skies winds out of the north/northeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour, forecasting the high of 79. the normal is 84. a couple of puffy cumulus clouds 1:00 p.m. 77. 4:00 p.m., there's the high of 79. for the poconos almost fall like look at this high, 69 degrees, sunny and cooler. sunday sun and clouds, 70. if you're headings to the jersey shore, one of the last weekends, the unofficial end of summer is
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next weekend labor day weekend. get your spot on the beach don't forget the sunscreen 77. same thing tomorrow, sunny skies, 75. low risk for rip currents through the weekend monday we start to up this to moderate and maybe high by tuesday another system off the florida coast could develop. i'll talk about that in the broadcast. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast mostly sunny, today and tomorrow, 79. monday looks good, increasing clouds 77. maybe a shower for tuesday 73. sun and clouds wednesday still very comfortable highs in the upper 70s. >> thank you for the update. two teens lost in the grand canyon for five days are thanking their rescuers. in 100-degree heat they survived the or deal with two granola bars and puddles of water. their survival instincts kicked in and did everything they could
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to get help. finally a rescue helicopter spotted them and brought them tosafety.
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>> all right thanks for sticking with us. the approach of hurrican harvey caused cold play to postpone their show in houston. houston is expected to get rain from harvey. they said they are ready to play but wouldn't want anyone to risk their lives to see their show. 5:23 a.m. delta is putting a few face on customer service efforts. the airline the first in the country to use video chat, it allows customers to use a screen from the airport and reach a live person. delta is the first u.s. airline to employ this kind of of technology. they are testing the service at reagan national airport in
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washington. looking to get fit and relieve stress how about yoga with goats. alicia vitarelli shows us how it works. >> reporter: every saturday on mountain pride farm in quakertown the rock studio hosts goat yoga. goats roam freely while you perfect your downward goat. they started the studio four years ago in chestnut hill. the couple loves connecting with nature so when they heard about the goat yoga trend it was a no brainer. >> if you enjoy being a beautiful setting around goats they say great for you. >> there are health benefits,. >> creating joy and decreasing stress. >> reporter: while you may think of it as a serious quiet endeavor. >> they will visit the people
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and nozzle their necks and things like that. >> you can't get serious with the goats around it's relaxing and fun and different. >> that seems cool, though, but can you do it with any animal, or is it just goats. >> looks like it's just goats. >> 5:25 a.m. we're back after this
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>> we are so glad you're waking up with us on a saturday morning, it is time for today's tweet. take a look at the screen. a big thank you to shane malcom for sending in this stunning time lapse of the river. how cool and beautiful is this? if you see a good shot take it and end it to us on twitter. we is shared this picture on our
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6abc twitter feed. reese hopkins continuesed the throttling of the cubs. in the first inning, hoskins does it again. he crushes his 9th homer in 16 games. the phillies power on to run and win it 7-1. the series is continuing later today. cheerleaders surrounding the coveted prize the game is tonight you can see it on 6abc tonight at 7:00 p.m.
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>> welcome back 5:30 a.m. hurrican harvey is leaving its mark on texas. hundreds of thousand thousands lost power from the storm. the storm will leave someplaces under water. >> good morning 5:30 a.m. the time, christie ileto joins us. chris sowers tracking harvey and our forecast. hurrican harvey is the first major hurricane to hit this part of texas in 47 years. you have to go back to 1970, hurricane cecila i can't -- keel i keel -- which battered the coast. as we've mentioned all morning long the problem with the storm it's not moving drifting off to


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